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Winding Lfe Wellness

find your trail



What crossroads are you currently at or approaching?

Career Climber

Driving for the next promo, career move, or searching for a path?


Struggling to find room for priorities and desires?


Creative projects stalled?

Indecision, Career Climber, Balance

Wherever you’re traveling in life, you know it’s almost never straightforward.

That’s probably why you’re here. Maybe you’re at another intersection and are figuring out which way to go.

I can’t tell you the direction, since only you know the way you’ve come.

But I can help you figure it out and accompany you along the way.

Creative Coaching

I’ve been working with and supporting creatives for over a decade. I run a writers group, collaborate regularly with artists, and was president of an arts non-profit. If any of the following is you, reach out:

  • Stuck on a creative project?
  • Trying to build a creative habit/schedule?
  • Looking for peer feedback?

Creative coaching can involve goal setting, checkpoints, and developing habits. Consistency around a creative practice is critical for completing projects and growing your skills. Even some gentle, regular nudges from peers can go a long way in helping you achieve your creative goals.

Let’s Connect!

Grab some time with me
and let’s explore what’s possible.